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Handling Errors

Handling errors

Errors during apply

Frigg applies resources one at a time. It is therefore possible that one resource will be applied successfully, while another resource can fail to apply.

Some resources need to be applied in multiple stages. It’s possible a resource can only be partially applied.

The GitLab pipeline will indicate a failure in case Frigg fails to apply a resource. Any errors will be printed to the console. Typically, they can be resolved either by adjusting the configuration you’re attempting to apply, or by adjusting conflicting configuration directly on the platform in question.

When unable to resolve the issue yourself support should be contacted if your plan allows for it. In case you found a bug, yet your plan does not provide direct support, please still contact Frigg support, so that the issue can be looked into and resolved as soon as possible.

Inconsequential apply

It’s possible Frigg to not have detected a failure to apply a resource. This could occur because the API Frigg makes use of false reports a successful operation, but reverts said operation directly afterward. It’s been noted that the GitLab API does this in certain cases, normally as a result of conflicting configuration.